iDev: Change iOS project “My Mac 64-bit” to “iOS Device”

Hi Friends,

XCode iOS project only shows “My Mac 64-bit”!!!

The Simulator and Device options to Build/Run your have have disappeared.
This happened to  me after I changed the project name once or changed by another person.

solution #1:

  1. – Close Xcode.
  2. – Locate your Project folder.
  3. – Right-click on the AppName.xcodeproj file and click show package contents.
  4. – Now delete everything inside the xcuserdata folder.

If this does not work trying this:

  1. – open Xcode (obviously)
  2. – clicked on Manage Schemes and then Autocreate Schemes Now.
  3. – Then select the new scheme in Xcode.

Now you should get back all device/simulator options.

Thanks 🙂

Keep Coding 🙂

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