iOS 7 Will Introduce Flickr, Vimeo Integration


Apple’s iOS 7 could introduce deep integration with Flickr and Vimeo, similar to how Twitter and Facebook are currently built into the company’s mobile ecosystem. According to9to5Mac, those partnership talks first mentioned back in April are turning up some exciting opportunities for the two companies; Flickr would be a huge one for both, especially since Yahoo just announced 1TB of free storage for every Flickr user.

Presumably, users will input their Flickr/Vimeo credentials into the settings menu and then have the option to upload photos and videos directly from the iOS Photos app. That simple integration is a no-brainer, and would quickly grow Flickr’s forgotten photo-sharing emporium. Apple’s iPhone is already the most popular method for shooting photos—adding Flickr integration would instantly spike the device’s presence up even more.



Vimeo integration would work in a similar fashion, giving users the option to upload immediately after a video is recorded. It’s no YouTube—you can always use YouTube Capture for that—but it introduces a separate option that would certainly increase the popularity of the oft-overlooked video-sharing platform. Both Flickr and Vimeo already offer integration in OS X, and this only seems like a natural extension.

Being able to instantly upload photos and videos to well-known services can provide more opportunities for users to share, and it’ll free up much needed space on an actual device. Not only that, but integration would likely boost the profile for each service, and especially give Flickr a big uptick in traffic. That 1TB of free storage certainly doesn’t hurt and is pretty darn enticing.

9to5Mac does note that the features, if not fully ready, could be removed prior to Apple’s WWDC in June. With rumors that Apple and Yahoo were in discussion to introduce deeper integration between the two companies, Flickr and Vimeo sound like prime candidates. Now if only Yahoo’s new weather app would get more deeply integrated into iOS 7.


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